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April 3, 2-4pm
EDC Exchange for Local Agencies
Intelligent Compaction: Understanding the Technology

This EDC Exchange will focus on real world examples of where Intelligent Compaction (IC) has been used by contractors. Local public agencies can benefit from this technology by adapting IC roller retrofit kits to existing vibratory rollers. It gives the local public agency the opportunity to upgrade their existing fleets and take advantage of this technology. The implementation of this technology and the availability of retrofits kits make using IC more affordable to everyone.

Compaction is one of the most important processes in roadway construction. It is needed to achieve consolidation and uniformity of the materials, which in turn better ensures a stable base platform and pavement surface. Construction materials possess optimum densities that ensure adequate support, stability, and strength. Achieving uniform compaction consistently is extremely important. Current processes using conventional compaction machines may result in inadequate and/or non-uniform material compaction, which can be one of the major factors that result in premature failure in pavements. IC helps to overcome this.

IC refers to the compaction of road materials, such as soils, aggregate bases, or asphalt pavement materials using modern vibratory rollers equipped with an integrated measurement systems (high precision positioning systems, accelerometers, and onboard computer reporting systems) to provide feedback to the roller operator. By integrating measurement, documentation, and control systems, the use of IC rollers allow for real-time feedback to the contractor of the compaction process. IC rollers maintain a continuous record with color-coded plots that include the number of passes, stiffness values, temperature, frequencies, amplitude, and roller speed as well as the location of the roller drum.

This EDC exchange (facilitated webinar) will be offered in three locations in Virginia on March 26 (Richmond, Fairfax, Suffolk). Each location will have a FHWA facilitator. VDOT Staff will need to sign up through VDOT U/Virtual Campus. All others, please use the following links to use the Transportation Training Academy's online registration system. Your registration is done when you click the "Register and Pay by Check" button at the bottom of the page. These Exchanges are free but our new system doesn't have a button for "Free Registration".

VDOT Northern District Office
4975 Alliance Drive
Cameron Room
Fairfax, VA 22030

FHWA Richmond
400 North 8th Street.
Richmond, VA 23219-4825
Room: FHWA's Conference Room

The 2-4pm webinar is free but advanced sign-ups will ensure that your desired location is available. Please contact the Transportation Training Academy office at or 434-982-2897 if you have any questions.